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For the record, I know nothing about tennis trading. In order to add value to you, my dear reader, I thought I’d find out what this tennis trading malarkey Is all about. I requested a trial from Tradeshark.

Without question, Paul from Tradeshark immediately gave me unprecedented access to his members’ area for me to take a look, and to learn what he was doing. In fact in later correspondence, It appears that Paul has been making a full time living from tennis trading since 2010. Anyone who can do that is someone I want to learn from, as Betfair trading is tricky to say the least.

First Look

When I first looked at the members’ area, I was Impressed by how much Information was contained within. Firstly there’s an Introduction Section. I recommend reading this as there’s plenty of useful Information, which makes a foundation for the later teachings. Here are the subjects.

  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Dealing With The Changing Markets
  3. General Advice
  4. Stake Size And Money Management
  5. What To Do If?
  6. Controlling Losses
  7. What Is Value?
  8. Videos
  9. Tennis Betting
  10. Useful Links

As you can see, there’s a wealth of Information here alone. In fact what I like is the fact that nothing has been left to chance, absolutely every angle has been covered. It’s very clear that Paul has taken a lot of care in producing his service.

Paul and tradeshark are really keen on not jumping in, without knowing what you’re doing. Like me, he’s a keen advocate of learning with small stakes, and only Increasing them once you’re comfortable. If you’re like me and want to get earning quickly, please resist the temptation. It will save you money in the long run.


The members’ area contains a large video section. At the time of writing, there are 22 different videos, averaging around 20 minutes each, with a handful of each trading method being used In real trades. As you can expect from a tennis trading pro, Paul makes It look Incredibly easy. Many of the videos, show profits of over £100 for just 20 minutes or so.

Before you ask, I asked Paul how many trades he makes daily, and he said, usually around 10. I’ve no doubt that he’s making a lovely Income from trading tennis. I feel that adding videos really gives a service credibility, as seeing the methodology in practice, whilst producing profits, gives the user confidence.


Tradeshark offer a number of different methods which I like. Most people will find a method that suits their style of betting. Let’s take a look.

  1. Remove The Red
  2. Lay The Leader (Pauls Favourite)
  3. Beginners Trading Strategy
  4. Back The Favourite
  5. Wait For The Break
  6. Back The Server 1
  7. Back The Server 2
  8. Scalping
  9. Swing Trading
  10. When It Goes Wrong

That’s 9 different trading strategies for you to have a go at. I started with the Back The Favourite strategy as It made the most sense to me (not being a tennis supremo). I used small trades as recommended and made a decent profit for the stakes I was using.

Daily Email

Paul sends out around 3 emails daily and these are really Informative. There’s a link to an Excel file highlighting the matches that day that Paul likes the look of. Each match has Instructions on how to trade the match along with Pauls thoughts.

New members’ get 5 days access Included, but you can extend this for just £20 a month, which Is an absolute bargain for the work that’s gone into it. In fact It saves you looking for your own selections, and that’s money and time well spent In my book.


I like this service A LOT! It’s honest, effective and complete. Emails to Tradeshark are answered quickly (usually within the hour) and aside from email, Paul also has a Skype Chatroom that you can use to assist your learning. There are downloadable stats spreadsheets too which can form the basis of your own selections.

I’ve got to be honest…. I don’t know how Paul can provide so much value for the small fee he charges. For the price of a cheap meal for 2, you get access to all of the above. It’s amazing value, It really Is.

I highly recommend this, you’ll love it!

But don’t take my word for It!

“Paul really knows his stuff  – there’s no waffle or empty promises, just good direct trading advice (what do you expect from a Yorkshireman?) that you know comes from an expert, but is easy to follow.” – Dylan Younger


“…you have one of the best trading products on the market and you price it way too cheaply for that! “ – Graham Laurie from the Cashmaster blog


“The website has loads of strategies and videos. A great introduction to tennis trading. Paul is always ready to answer queries or questions and give advice. Customer service excellent.” – Clive Holland


“The Tradeshark trading guide is fantastic value in my opinion, I wish I’d discovered it much earlier. Totally recommended” – Laurence Coleman


“Whether you’re an experienced sportstrader or a complete novice it’s an absolute no brainer to join Tradesharktennis, Paul is one of the very few good guys and certainly not simply another shovel seller, if he was he’d sell his services for a hell of a lot more than he does. The chat room alone is worth the lifetime subscription with its wealth of experienced tennis traders always on hand to offer help and advice to beginners, but this service offers much more than that with videos and strategies that will set you off on, or keep you on the right track.” – Mike Coggan

”Tradeshark and his instructions were my starting steps into the world of tennis trading. There was not a question I could not ask him and not one of them was left unanswered. I will always be grateful for his patience and advice. He showed me what tennis trading was really all about. The experience and knowledge I acquired during long sessions in his chatroom are unparalleled!” – Marko Bukovnik

“Well, when we talk about tennis trading we don’t have any other serious options other than Paul from I have known Paul for a few years now and I have two words for him : serious and respectful. Anyone trying to start tennis trading would be wise investing a small amount to be a member on his site.” – Marius, Romania
“More than happy to recommend the service offered by Paul. Ever helpful and offers a great service for the members, especially for the cheap lifetime membership price!” – Steve
“… provides a comprehensive set of materials that teach key concepts of tennis trading at a phenomenally good value price” – Paul Fryer
“I started my journey on trading alone and Tradeshark gave me the lights I needed to succeed in tennis trading! Besides all the help available on the website Paul is always available to help. 
I just need to thank the Tradeshark… Because you have taken me to the path of success!Thank you Shark! ” – Knowlow Trader (from Portugal)””I have known (not in person though) TradeShark for over 5 years and he is one of the most honest, genuine and helpful guys in the trading world, who not only is an expert at his field, but is a true good person as well. You always know that Paul knows what’s he is doing and is not afraid of losing trades, as he knows he will get winning trades as well. Over all, TradeShark is the guy who you really want to have as your tennis trading mentor and a friend. I deeply recommend his service to you. Whatever level your tennis trading skills are, you will definitely benefit from his help. I would never be where I am now without knowing him, so thanks for that, Paul.” – Mitja Gruber Aka Nordavind

“In a business full of sharks who sell their scams, Paul is a good guy and his live chatroom on its own is worth the money. I call it the “University of tennis trading”, You can learn a lot of things and understand the thoughts behind a long term full time tennis trading man. New season is coming, see you there” –  Paolo, Italy


“As a complete tennis trading novice the guide was a great help in getting started. The blog always has useful tips and I now subscribe to the tips service. This is showing a regular profit and I will be be increasing my staking amounts to maximise the benefits.
All in all a great service.” – Alan H.


I met TradeShark many years ago, I have been a member of his website/trading guide ever since. It’s a no-nonsense approach to trading Tennis which one can appreciate. To this day I still refer to it after all these years to keep me focused, especially during the more challenging matches. Solid reference I would recommend it to anyone starting out. – Adam Doddridge


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