Betfair Trading Software, Which Is Right For You?

Unless you’re just dabbling with Betfair, you’ll very quickly realise the limitations of the standard Betfair dashboard and grid Interface. It’s slow, unwieldly and by the time you confirm your bets, the price has usually moved against you. Fortunately some geniuses hit upon the idea of making betfair trading software, using the Betfair API to eliminate this frustration.

Fortunately for us, this software is available for us to use and because most serious traders use these applications now, the costs have come down dramatically. At the time of writing, there are so many of these different Robots, and they all have their own individual features. This is good for when we wish to choose a specific strategy to either bet or trade with.

So the first thing to consider is what strategy you wish to use.




The Bet Engine

If for instance you wish to simply back or lay horses or greyhounds without actually trading, then there’s an awesome piece of software called The Bet Engine. ¬†Like everything on this site, I have used it personally, and It works like a charm. I used it for a “Stop at a winner” strategy last year and It certainly did the business. Having just refreshed my memory, I believe that there are 24 back staking plans and 20 lay staking plans prebuilt into the software and ready to go. A friend of mine uses The Bet Engine and runs 20 different systems day after day, race after race. If you have a problem, then support is lightning fast, I’m not sure whether Alistair Moffatt actually sleeps. I recommend taking advantage of the FREE trial.

Geeks Toy

For trading applications, then I’ve found this to be an excellent choice. Not only does this emulate the Betfair grid Interface, you can optimise your trading by also using the ladder Interface. This is what you see when you watch the professionals trade. In fact Caan Berry uses Geeks Toy, so It must be good. What I found really effective is the “In-Play ” Interface which shows you the race unfold graphically. Another great feature that I really liked (I am a dutching fan after all) Is the dutching Interface. At the click of a button, Geeks Toy will fire multiple bets into the market, work out every stake individually and usually leave you with a profit. It’s amazingly fast, and worth the money for that feature alone. Again, there is a FREE trial, so check It out.

Bet Angel

I have mentioned previously on the blog that I also like Bet Angel. The only real concern I have with Bet Angel Is that for the beginner, there are a lot of bells and whistles which could easily distract a new trader. The Bet Angel Trader is possibly a better option as It gives you most of the required tools to get going. The Bet Angel Basic Is FREE and I quite like It’s simplicity. It’s Ideal for newbies on a budget.

Market Feeder Pro

Now, I came across Market Feeder Pro whilst trying to find a Robot to place football bets at strong In-play prices. I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy It was to set up my strategy. In use, It scanned the Football markets for me 24 hours a day, averaging over 120 bets a day. I found It to be a very capable tool, In fact It’s underrated for how powerful It actually Is. Again you can opt for a FREE trial. I do like this one a lot.

Bf Bot Manager

Ok It had to happen didn’t It! From all of my reviews above, I have to come to this review, and save “YOU” dear reader from losing your money and your hair most likely….I had the misfortune of downloading this software before I found Market Feeder pro. It was advertised that they’d write a Bot application for you when you subscribed. This never happened! Ok, not the end of the World, so I thought I’d try and write my own. BIG MISTAKE! Unless you have a Phd in computer programming, you won’t get this to work for you. I emailed their support expecting some guidance, (the manual is for a different version to the software) and here is the reply I got from their Project Manager Rade Jaramaz.

V3 has 10 example strategies at STRATEGIES tab. You can run those in simulation mode, check their settings and see how they are made and how they work

So ¬£29.95 a month for software that I have to back engineer myself to see how It works, so I can then run my own strategy….Noooo thanks!

Save your money on this folks, It’s my job to warn you of the rubbish available.



I’ll be adding more recommendations in due course, but I hope that this gives you a good insight and a head-start into what Betfair Trading Software is available, as well as your chances of success with using It effectively. Try a few out, using the free trials, and see which one you get along with. You’ll favour one that meets your trading style and the strategy you choose to use.

The small Investment usually pays for Itself on the first trading day In my experience, so just go for it. Your trading will Improve no end.

As always, it would be great to hear of your experiences, both good and bad, so please leave me a comment below or email me. I get back to you as soon as I’m able.