What exchange?

Many of us i’m sure, do all our trading on Betfair, which is understandable if you take your trades in running. However, if matched betting, or trading pre-off, have you considered the other exchanges?


This is my exchange of choice at the moment. Normally 2% commission, Smarkets are currently doing zero percent commission in conjunction with Oddsmonkey.

The prices on Smarkets tend to follow Betfair quite closely, I do find the whole site clunky though, so would not be much use for in play trading. You can get some decent trades though with the lowers commission rate. I find Smarkets great as they have no minimum bet unlike Betfairs £2 minimum. The range of sports and trading events are increasing all the time. Definitely worth opening an account with these, plus you get a free £10 bet when opening an account. With Smarkets, the liquidity is getting a lot better. Definitely the number 2 exchange in my opinion.

Open an account here if you don’t have one yet https://smarkets.com/signup?referral=gronko78


I LOVE Matchbook. The opportunities with these guys is amazing. Still zero percent commission until April, Matchbook presents some fantastic matched betting and trading opportunities. At zero percent, finding trades to back and lay just using Betfair is entirely possible too. Matchbook compile odds completely on their own opinion, and i’ve noticed they are very often a stand out price about an event.  Currently doing a commission refund for 5 weeks after joining. Join at www.matchbook.com



The exchange that really disappoints me. I expected big things from betdaq, especially when Ladbrokes took over. I will be keeping an eye on them now they are down to 2% commission. Generelly have decent odds and events, but liquidity isn’t what it should be. It’s worth having an account though, and a lot of trading software applications give free versions for Betdaq. Never lay on Betdaq if you’ve bet with Ladbrokes.

I’m going to be updating these exchange comments over the next few weeks, as I test them more and more.

What’s your favourite exchange? Leave a comment below.