Is Betfair Radio Any Good?

Depending upon how seriously you wish to trade, you might consider using live feed data for horseracing such as an SIS live feed, watch the channel 4 and ITV horseracing or simply just listen to the commentary. Most bookmakers have such a live commentary feature, but as you’ll be trading on Betfair, maybe Betfair Radio would be an option for you.

Timeform, whom were leading and trusted figures within the horse racing form and ratings Industry originally started a radio commentary service for Uk and Irish racing. In the mean time Betfair bought Timeform and have since rebranded Timeform Radio to the now Betfair Radio.

Each day, just before the first Uk or Irish horse race, Betfair Radio bursts Into life with their thoughts and comments on the upcoming race, along with providing detailed In race commentary. Incredibly, the hosts have an Incredible wealth of experience in the horse racing Industry and they garner an enyclopaedic knowledge of each runner, jockey as well as how they ran previously. Obviously the Timeform experience Is being used Incredibly well, and one thing I love Is that the hosts of the show sometimes tell the listener what they’ve bet on and why. In larger races, It’s nice to hear that they’ve all backed different horses, and It makes the listening experience much more enjoyable.

As I write this, the Cheltenham Festival 2017 Is just a few days away, so expect plenty of lively, well humoured and competitive banter on the Betfair Radio. I tend to leave It on In the background, and If I choose to watch the race on Betfair too, they use the same radio commentary feed for both. Please be advised, that In order to watch the live Betfair races, then you’ll need to have a bet placed in that market of at least £5. Otherwise the Betfair Radio is free all afternoon.

Occasionally the Radio feed buffers and distorts occasionally, but that might just be due to my own wireless connections or maybe due to the sheer volume of users tuning In each day. Either way, It’s the best quality horse racing commentary available In the Uk today. In fact, I can imagine that most beginners could make money each day just by following the selections from the co-hosts each day. Some of them make considerable money from their knowledge.

You’ll be pleased to hear, that with the lighter nights now, that eveing racing will be returning. Worry not! Betfair Radio broadcasts for the evening racing too, so If you have time after work, you can still take advantage and maybe play a few races.

I really like Betfair Radio, and If you’ve not used It yet, please give It a go. It’ll be a great help when trying to build a profile of you selected race. What I have found, that the hosts opinions can actually sway the live prices on Betfair Itself, so please consider that when trading live. Chances are, you’ll be using the commentary to follow your horse In running and gather some notes for next time out. Also consider watching the live racing broadcasts live too. The coverage Is very good, but If you wish to trade In running, then I recommend a faster live feed. These can be gained by subscribing to “At the Races” or “SIS”.