Betfair Trading Book Review

Hi all,

sincere apologies i’ve not updated in a while. Things have been pretty hectic my end. I am going to be updating more regularly from now on.

This post is a review on a book I recently had the pleasure to read on Betfair Football trading. The author, Wayne Morgan, was somebody I have known for a while through a third party group I was in on facebook, however, to my detriment, I had no idea what a shrewd Betfair trader he was.

In his book, Betfair Football Trading, Wayne shares with us all not only his various strategies for making a profit on Betfair, and these strategies are REALLY good, he also shares with us his bank management rules and the psychological aspects of being a successful trader.

Reading through the strategies in the book, it’s like having Wayne looking over your shoulder and guiding you through each strategy. He also gives you a LOT of resources he uses to do his research, including some sites I was NOT aware of.

The main topic throughout the book is about bank preservation, and this is something I agree with strongly. Protecting the bank and reducing losses are the most important thing at all times, winning is of secondary importance.

Once you’ve read and digested the different strategies in the book, you have the option of joining Wayne’s Facebook group, which is all about trading football, and is one of the friendliest and most helpful groups I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with. Although strictly as a trader. For the record I make no financial gain for anybody buying this book, it’s not on an affiliate link of any kind, but the material inside is top drawer, and needs to be in the hands of every aspiring football trader

Anyone who knows me knows I have always been a bit of a one trick pony in that I am a LTD draw specialist, and that was it. Wayne’s book, selections and trading group have opened my eyes to the various different strategies available and I am blessed to have come across Wayne.

Anyone buying the book, gets to join Gingers Trading group for free. The trading group covers, football, horses, tennis and so much more. You will of ten find me also in one of Ginger’s trading rooms.

You can jump over to Amazon and read the online reviews of the book if you wish at If you send Wayne £9.99 via paypal or an email with any questions to Wayne will send you a copy of his book over.

Make no mistake, this book will be the best tenner you spend this year.

Speak to you all soon.