Trading Betfair Tennis

Trading Betfair Tennis can provide an excellent full-time Income for some. In fact, I know a number of very successful people that trade nothing but Betfair tennis. One of the key attributes that connects all of these people, Is that they’re keen tennis fans, who actually understand the game and know the players and their form stats Intimately. Like every other Betfair market, there are times when you can get value and times to leave well alone.

As with any Betfair market, you need to know how It behaves and stay one step ahead. Prices move mainly due to human emotion and with a little psychology, we can turn that Information Into profit.

What I have learnt over time, especially in tennis, as well as snooker, Is that the betting markets tend to over react ┬áduring play. Using this fact alone can lock you Into profitable situations. Combining this fact with knowledge of how the Individual players perform, means happy pay days. Unfortunately, I’ve never really had the time or Inclination to follow the multitude of tennis players. This shouldn’t prevent you from trying to trade Betfair tennis though.

People tend to think that Betfair Is a perfect market, and In some ways It Is. In another Instance, you’ll find that over reaction occurs when mistakes are made. Mistakes happen many times each match, and many ticks can be made by taking advantage of such nuances. If you’re not overly familiar with tennis, then I recommend that you start small and maybe scalp trades Initially. If you need some ideas for angles, then an Interesting guide can be found HERE.

Most major tennis events can be watched on sky or with one of the many live streaming services. Get a reliable hook up If you plan to trade tennis seriously, you’ll need to watch the match set by set. Unlike a horse race, which lasts a matter of minutes, tennis can go on for hours and sometimes a couple of days. It’s Important to make yourself comfortable whilst the matches unfold, and more Importantly you need to stay focussed. Other than that, give It a go!