Playing The Betfair Online Casino

For completeness, this post Is all about The Betfair Online Casino.

Now I know that many people like to play the casino’s, but there Is absolutely no edge for the professional bettor. Unfortunately the Betfair Online Casino Is no different. Like all casino’s on and offline, the edge Is ALWAYS firmly In the casino’s favour. How else do you think that they can afford such lavish establishments.

Betfair use the Industry standard Playtech software which most casino’s use, and as such the turnover and payout percentages remain constant, which Is a legal requirement. And Betfair hold the relevant licenses to operate a professional casino.

I know that our matched betting fans like the casino’s, that’s because these casino’s offer some of the best value bonuses around. And the only way to make consistent profits with the Betfair online casino, Is to exploit the bonuses. Having just checked the Betfair casino, they’re offering a 100% welcome bonus up to £100 In value. Profit Accumulator teach you how to exploit these bonuses for maximum profit, and gets my highest recommendation.

As you’d expect from a casino, you’ll get the standard list of games:

  • Table Games, Blackjack, Roulette Baccarat etc
  • Slots Games, Video Poker, Video Slots etc
  • Arcade Games, Scratchcards, Keno etc
  • Mobile Games, Mobile Slots, Mobile Roulette etc


Why should you waste your money on The Betfair Online Casino?


The simplest answer Is, that you shoudn’t waste your time or your money. That’s unless you’re exploiting the bonuses for guaranteed profits of course. It’s hard to say no to free money afterall…

All casino’s are designed to extort money from you, and even the Betfair live casino is designed to do the same. Just because they show live dealers, we still know that the edge is firmly in the casino’s favour, and this edge cannot be beaten over the long term.

I have seen many false photoshopped winning cheques from these alleged “Big Winners“. Of course some are real, but such wins are down to luck alone and certainly not due to any winning system or method. Of course, this fact doesn’t stop the unscrupulous system vendor from trying to make you believe that you can beat these industry giants. I have seen systems and even roulette computers ranging from a few pounds up to almost £3000. Guess what…..They still cannot give you a long term edge over a fixed odds game. Only the vendor makes money from that transaction.

Casino’s aren’t my bag, If you’ve not gathered already. They’re like drugs to drug addicts, those who just have to gamble, and have no knowledge at all on how to really win. They serve no purpose at all to the professional, and that’s why you shouldn’t get distracted with them. Take the bonuses by all means, but the fun stops when you start losing money, and you will if you don’t follow this advice.



Whilst doing some research for this post, I came across some disturbing Information relating to the Betfair Online Casino, which I need to share with you. Obviously we all have a soft spot for Betfair otherwise this blog wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately It seems that many Betfair Casino users have been getting short-changed by Betfair. Whether things have cleaned themselves up since the Paddy Power, Betfair merger has yet to be seen, but customer reviews aren’t complimentary. In fact they’re very disturbing!

The reviews that I’ve read centre mainly around customers winning money on the Betfair Casino, and then Betfair either Immediately closing their accounts or refusing to pay out winnings to customers. There are too many of these poor experiences posted online to Ignore. It’s also Ironic that since the Casino review sites have been publishing these bad Betfair Casino customer experiences, Betfair have started to respond. The phrase “too little too late” springs to mind.

Take a look at what people are saying on Google about the Betfair Casino before parting with your money.


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