Is Betfair Radio Any Good?

Depending upon how seriously you wish to trade, you might consider using live feed data for horseracing such as an SIS live feed, watch the channel 4 and ITV horseracing or simply just listen to the commentary. Most bookmakers have such a live commentary feature, but as you’ll be trading on Betfair, maybe Betfair Radio would be an option for you.

Timeform, whom were leading and trusted figures within the horse racing form and ratings Industry originally started a radio commentary service for Uk and Irish racing. In the mean time Betfair bought Timeform and have since rebranded Timeform Radio to the now Betfair Radio.

Each day, just before the first Uk or Irish horse race, Betfair Radio bursts Into life with their thoughts and comments on the upcoming race, along with providing detailed In race commentary. Incredibly, the hosts have an Incredible wealth of experience in the horse racing Industry and they garner an enyclopaedic knowledge of each runner, jockey as well as how they ran previously. Obviously the Timeform experience Is being used Incredibly well, and one thing I love Is that the hosts of the show sometimes tell the listener what they’ve bet on and why. In larger races, It’s nice to hear that they’ve all backed different horses, and It makes the listening experience much more enjoyable.

As I write this, the Cheltenham Festival 2017 Is just a few days away, so expect plenty of lively, well humoured and competitive banter on the Betfair Radio. I tend to leave It on In the background, and If I choose to watch the race on Betfair too, they use the same radio commentary feed for both. Please be advised, that In order to watch the live Betfair races, then you’ll need to have a bet placed in that market of at least £5. Otherwise the Betfair Radio is free all afternoon.

Occasionally the Radio feed buffers and distorts occasionally, but that might just be due to my own wireless connections or maybe due to the sheer volume of users tuning In each day. Either way, It’s the best quality horse racing commentary available In the Uk today. In fact, I can imagine that most beginners could make money each day just by following the selections from the co-hosts each day. Some of them make considerable money from their knowledge.

You’ll be pleased to hear, that with the lighter nights now, that eveing racing will be returning. Worry not! Betfair Radio broadcasts for the evening racing too, so If you have time after work, you can still take advantage and maybe play a few races.

I really like Betfair Radio, and If you’ve not used It yet, please give It a go. It’ll be a great help when trying to build a profile of you selected race. What I have found, that the hosts opinions can actually sway the live prices on Betfair Itself, so please consider that when trading live. Chances are, you’ll be using the commentary to follow your horse In running and gather some notes for next time out. Also consider watching the live racing broadcasts live too. The coverage Is very good, but If you wish to trade In running, then I recommend a faster live feed. These can be gained by subscribing to “At the Races” or “SIS”.


Trading Betfair Tennis

Trading Betfair Tennis can provide an excellent full-time Income for some. In fact, I know a number of very successful people that trade nothing but Betfair tennis. One of the key attributes that connects all of these people, Is that they’re keen tennis fans, who actually understand the game and know the players and their form stats Intimately. Like every other Betfair market, there are times when you can get value and times to leave well alone.

As with any Betfair market, you need to know how It behaves and stay one step ahead. Prices move mainly due to human emotion and with a little psychology, we can turn that Information Into profit.

What I have learnt over time, especially in tennis, as well as snooker, Is that the betting markets tend to over react  during play. Using this fact alone can lock you Into profitable situations. Combining this fact with knowledge of how the Individual players perform, means happy pay days. Unfortunately, I’ve never really had the time or Inclination to follow the multitude of tennis players. This shouldn’t prevent you from trying to trade Betfair tennis though.

People tend to think that Betfair Is a perfect market, and In some ways It Is. In another Instance, you’ll find that over reaction occurs when mistakes are made. Mistakes happen many times each match, and many ticks can be made by taking advantage of such nuances. If you’re not overly familiar with tennis, then I recommend that you start small and maybe scalp trades Initially. If you need some ideas for angles, then an Interesting guide can be found HERE.

Most major tennis events can be watched on sky or with one of the many live streaming services. Get a reliable hook up If you plan to trade tennis seriously, you’ll need to watch the match set by set. Unlike a horse race, which lasts a matter of minutes, tennis can go on for hours and sometimes a couple of days. It’s Important to make yourself comfortable whilst the matches unfold, and more Importantly you need to stay focussed. Other than that, give It a go!

Betfair Trading Software, Which Is Right For You?

Unless you’re just dabbling with Betfair, you’ll very quickly realise the limitations of the standard Betfair dashboard and grid Interface. It’s slow, unwieldly and by the time you confirm your bets, the price has usually moved against you. Fortunately some geniuses hit upon the idea of making software, using the Betfair API to eliminate this frustration.

Fortunately for us, this software is available for us to use and because most serious traders use these applications now, the costs have come down dramatically. At the time of writing, there are so many of these different Robots, and they all have their own individual features. This is good for when we wish to choose a specific strategy to either bet or trade with.

So the first thing to consider is what strategy you wish to use.




The Bet Engine

If for instance you wish to simply back or lay horses or greyhounds without actually trading, then there’s an awesome piece of software called The Bet Engine.  Like everything on this site, I have used it personally, and It works like a charm. I used it for a “Stop at a winner” strategy last year and It certainly did the business. Having just refreshed my memory, I believe that there are 24 back staking plans and 20 lay staking plans prebuilt into the software and ready to go. A friend of mine uses The Bet Engine and runs 20 different systems day after day, race after race. If you have a problem, then support is lightning fast, I’m not sure whether Alistair Moffatt actually sleeps. I recommend taking advantage of the FREE trial.

Geeks Toy

For trading applications, then I’ve found this to be an excellent choice. Not only does this emulate the Betfair grid Interface, you can optimise your trading by also using the ladder Interface. This is what you see when you watch the professionals trade. In fact Caan Berry uses Geeks Toy, so It must be good. What I found really effective is the “In-Play ” Interface which shows you the race unfold graphically. Another great feature that I really liked (I am a dutching fan after all) Is the dutching Interface. At the click of a button, Geeks Toy will fire multiple bets into the market, work out every stake individually and usually leave you with a profit. It’s amazingly fast, and worth the money for that feature alone. Again, there is a FREE trial, so check It out.

Bet Angel

I have mentioned previously on the blog that I also like Bet Angel. The only real concern I have with Bet Angel Is that for the beginner, there are a lot of bells and whistles which could easily distract a new trader. The Bet Angel Trader is possibly a better option as It gives you most of the required tools to get going. The Bet Angel Basic Is FREE and I quite like It’s simplicity. It’s Ideal for newbies on a budget.

Market Feeder Pro

Now, I came across Market Feeder Pro whilst trying to find a Robot to place football bets at strong In-play prices. I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy It was to set up my strategy. In use, It scanned the Football markets for me 24 hours a day, averaging over 120 bets a day. I found It to be a very capable tool, In fact It’s underrated for how powerful It actually Is. Again you can opt for a FREE trial. I do like this one a lot.

Bf Bot Manager

Ok It had to happen didn’t It! From all of my reviews above, I have to come to this review, and save “YOU” dear reader from losing your money and your hair most likely….I had the misfortune of downloading this software before I found Market Feeder pro. It was advertised that they’d write a Bot application for you when you subscribed. This never happened! Ok, not the end of the World, so I thought I’d try and write my own. BIG MISTAKE! Unless you have a Phd in computer programming, you won’t get this to work for you. I emailed their support expecting some guidance, (the manual is for a different version to the software) and here is the reply I got from their Project Manager Rade Jaramaz.

V3 has 10 example strategies at STRATEGIES tab. You can run those in simulation mode, check their settings and see how they are made and how they work

So £29.95 a month for software that I have to back engineer myself to see how It works, so I can then run my own strategy….Noooo thanks!

Save your money on this folks, It’s my job to warn you of the rubbish available.



I’ll be adding more recommendations in due course, but I hope that this gives you a good insight and a head-start into what Betfair Trading Software is available, as well as your chances of success with using It effectively. Try a few out, using the free trials, and see which one you get along with. You’ll favour one that meets your trading style and the strategy you choose to use.

The small Investment usually pays for Itself on the first trading day In my experience, so just go for it. Your trading will Improve no end.

As always, it would be great to hear of your experiences, both good and bad, so please leave me a comment below or email me. I get back to you as soon as I’m able.

Trading on Betfair, Which Way is Best?

So today, we’re going to be talking about trading on Betfair, and which way is best? Of course, this comes down to your individual style, your attitude to risk and your knowledge of the event in which you wish to trade. Now before you get too worried (I know nothing about any sports) you don’t have to know anything about the events in which you wish to trade.

Let me explain…

What I do, Is to take a short term look at each market I trade, and then make a judgement call based on what I see happening on the screen. This is called “Cold Trading” as It’s emotionless (I don’t favour any football team, or horse) and I don’t actually care what the end result is…ever! Cold trading allows anyone to simply slip into a trade and then stealthily sneak out with a profit, regardless of their experience or expertise. It is this method which allows the beginner to find a firm grounding in Betfair trading.

For the sport lovers amongst you, I’m sure there are plenty, you can use form as a basis of making your trading decisions. Whatever sport that you choose, there are statistics that build a picture on past performance, which can then be utilised to predict the future of the next event. The most incredible form stats for football can be found at Goal Profits which I highly recommend!

I used the stats from Goal Profits to develop my own Football Strategy which I’ll post on here at some point. If you like football and wish to consider trading It, then then Goal Profits is the place to start and understand their many strategies. I’ve even included them In my Recommendations page.

For the Horse Racing enthusiasts, then the Racing Post and Sporting Life websites are where you need to be heading. There are more form stats than you can shake a stick it, along with professional commentary of the horses previously run races. You could use this information to see if your horse is a front-runner or maybe a strong finisher and adopt a suitable trading strategy for that likelihood. Unlike “Cold Trading”, where the trade is usually scalped prior to the event,  “Form” trading can take any period of time, sometimes days for Cricket.

Here I want to bring in 2 more phrases, which you’ll soon get familiar with:


Swing Trading

Scalping usually (but not always) Involves backing and laying (or vice-versa) quite large stakes for a tick or two’s price movement. These traders don’t expose themselves to risk for any longer than the need to. Let’s say we can back a horse at odds of 2.38, then a scalper would get out at 1 tick, which would be 2.36. Most scalpers use a Betfair Robot of some sort. I recommend and use Peter Webb’s Bet Angel.

Swing trading usually Involves being in a trade for 10 minutes or longer. The trader will have a strong view of where the market is heading, and will not be satisfied with a single tick or two in profit. Generally, they’ll be looking for a much larger move, maybe 10 ticks or more.

My own strategy is a hybrid of both swing and scalping. I trade for ten minutes but want 3-5 ticks usually. Take a look at my Method.


Where and how are you going to do your trading on Betfair? Can you dedicate a quiet place in your house solely for your Betfair trading or will you need to trade on the move?

Believe me when I say that finding quiet time to trade is Incredibly difficult with 2 young children. Don’t laugh, but I even considered renting an office in a business centre recently to trade without distractions.

If you’re on the move a lot, then unlike the overkill image to the left, you could trade with a laptop and maybe a Mifi router. I use one and can recommend the EE one which gives you mobile broadband as well as providing a Wifi hotspot for up to eight devices.

I’ve not traded in McDonalds yet, so I can’t vouch for their Wifi unfortunately, but I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work. I’d just be wary of of the quality of the Wifi signal as well as how secure It Is.

I’m guilty of trying to sometimes shoe-horn my trading in at every opportunity, and as a result I don’t build my plan of the market first. This usually leads to me coming unstuck, and you’ll see that writing this blog has enabled me to face my own bad habits. By all means fit some trading In, but allow enough time for you to get a feel for the market before making your openning trade or regret It at your leisure….only jesting….but there Is a serious point there!

Can you trade on tablets and mobile phones……?

Yes, if that’s all you have, then you can make I start trading on Betfair.  Do I recommend It?  Probably not! Now I’m not trying to be a stick in the mud here, but I found very quickly that you need software to trade Betfair effectively. It gives you the edge over other traders. Apart from one piece of software which has remained fairly obscure, no Betfair trading software has been developed for Android or Ios. I may be wrong here, but I don’t think that tablets and mobiles have the computing power to run such demanding Betfair trading software. Secondly I’m not sure my eyes could see everything on such a small screen.

Do yourself a favour, and give yourself the best possible chance for success. I use a dedicated laptop for trading but that’s not necessary. Ideally a large screen laptop or desktop will do. Most software has been written for the Windows operating system, but you can download Windows even If you have an Apple Mac. The Bet Angel site has a good explanation on how to do this.

As always, I’m here to help, so please feel free to leave a comment, or contact me by email. I’ll reply as soon as I can.





Make Money On Betfair

So you’ve decided that you wish to Investigate Betfair, and see if you can make money on Betfair for yourself. All I can say, Is go for It……!

Firstly, I’m going to assume that you already know a little bit about Betfair, as if you’ve started your research, then you’ll have an appreciation of the Betfair platform. Over the years, this has changed considerably to meet the demands of hungry gamblers and traders, by providing new markets on existing sports. On top of all that, Betfair have since added Poker, Arcade, Casino and Sportsbook in a move that’s mirrored that of the mainstream bookmakers.

When you look at the sheer array of betting events (I was going to say sports events, but there are many more markets than just sports) you’ll soon realise that there are many ways to find a small edge, and therein lies the secret of successful betting and trading. Again, because the site is so vast, It’s Important to find a place to start. The easiest place to start is with a subject that Interests you. My favoured subject is, and always has been Horseracing, so that’s how I learned to make money from Betfair. You can check out my simple system HERE if you wish. In fact I have a video of a slightly advanced method HERE which Introduces software to the mix.

Now those methods are incredibly basic, but It’s important for your confidence to get results early on in your Betfair trading career. My method will get you into profit from day one, and at least give you a firm foundation to start from. There are some Incredible traders out there, Peter Webb from Bet Angel and Caan Berry spring to mind. They are both Incredibly capable, and make lots of money, It’s just that their style of betting doesn’t sit right with me. In fact, I’m a lazy trader, and enjoy taking a larger price move than a traditional scalper would. Half the battle is finding your own trading style though, and you will find it….

One thing that I must warn you about, is the ability to take a loss. This will be the making or breaking of you as a Betfair Trader.

With the best will in the World, when you make a judgement on an event, It doesn’t always go to plan, and you’ll need an exit route. This generally means taking a loss, and although It sounds quite matter of fact, and logical, the practice is somewhat more difficult. You’ll be tempted at this point to take risks, which will, In time make you lose a lot more money. Always control you risk strictly whilst preserving your bank at all times. Without a bank, then you can’t trade anymore.

Depending upon your style of trading, you’ll decide whether to trade an event before It starts (this is how I trade) or choose to trade In-play (during the event). There are no rights or wrongs, but I would recommend learning to trade before the off, as the price swings are generally more predictable, and you won’t be taking mad risks. In the early days your trades will be erratic. This is perfectly normal, I promise. In fact your first goal should be just to break even on each trading day.

All you then need to do, is simply get more trades right than wrong and you’ll make money on Betfair. It really is that simple.

What many new traders do, and It makes a lot of sense, is to build a risk free betting bank using matched betting. This, In Its simplest term is taking advantage of bookmaker bonuses to make risk free trades using arbitrage. There are a number of similar sites offering an alert service with full Instructions. If you’re new to betting, then you should be able to take advantage of at least £1000-£1500 of free money. This is ideal as a trading bank. In fact, some people go on to make up to £4000 month after month. I started with this service and It was pretty good, the forum is particularly motivating. There are some others HERE if you wish to take a look.

I’d be really Interested to hear of your progress, as most serious users make over £500 with matched betting in their first month (while still getting used to things). From your perspective, It teaches you how to use Betfair to make money from day one. The videos take you by the hand each step of the way, so there’s no excuse for not making money, and there’s no risk to your money.

Anyway, I’m here to help, so please either leave a comment below or get in touch by mail, I’ll respond as soon as I can.