Football Index

Every so often, an opportunity comes along that just seems a bit weird, but you know you have to investigate further.

I was talking to Scott of fame and he was telling me to sign up for football index, and he would give me 30 quid, just like that. I was intrigued by the thought I could buy and sell footballers just like I could trade shares on a stock market. This warranted further investigation.

After going to the ztips site, i signed through and duly added my money. I picked my players, and I was off.

Well, it’s been a blast I have to say. I reached the heady heights of 68p profit with my initial players. I had to hold them for 3 days, sell everything, and Scott gives me 30 quid just like that. Easy money.

Only, i’m not selling. I like the format so much, I’ve actually bought one of their tracker funds. After a bit of investigation, this is I believe the easiest way to buy and sell the players. After i’ve got used to the inner workings, I will definitely do a follow up article on this.

If this is something that interests you, and it should, it’s far easier than it reads, and in 3 days, you make 30 quid. You are also protected against any extreme losses by Football Index themselves.

Scott is supremely honest, and will pay you immediately. He only gets paid for sign ups, and not if you win or lose.

If you claim the refund offered by FI, Scott doesn’t get paid out. Although it’s not worth claiming the refund if under £30 as Scott pays you that amount GUARANTEED, regardless of how much up or down you are. FI will only refund your losses, so if under £30, makes more sense to take Scott’s money.

Check it out here  This deal runs until 14th July, so plenty of time to get signed up and have a play around.

Also, if you sign up via myself, then make sure you ask Scott for a free month of ztips thrown in. I know he won’t mind this at all.

Looking forward to my follow up after making some money on the exchange.