Chris Williams Football Trading Secrets Method 9

Welcome to the first review on this site. If you’ve been around Betfair betting for a while I’m sure you’ll have heard of Chris Williams. In this review I’ll be taking a good look at Chris Williams Football Trading Secrets Method 9. Firstly Chris has kindly allowed me full access to the product In order that I can take a good poke around, and let you know what I find.

The first good sign Is that Chris Williams comes across as very polite, helpful and professional In his correspondence. If you’re buying a product, you want to know that you’ll be looked after. I’ve no doubt that Chris’s support will be exemplary should you need It.

So what’s It all about then? 

Chris Williams Football Trading Secrets Method 9, Is delivered as a video which runs to almost an hour and 18 minutes In length. I actually like the video format as you can literally see what Chris Is doing at each stage of the selection process. This Is great for the beginner that maybe Isn’t quite as familiar with Betfair, as Chris literally takes you by the hand to navigate you to where you need to go. Rest assured, after watching the video, you’ll be ready to make your trades. There’s almost no learning curve at all, which I find great.

In order to find suitable matches, Chris uses a free site to gather his Information. Now out of all of the Football sites out there, I’d not come across this one before. I’m pleasantly surprised as this site does all the hard work for you, by providing a list of suitable matches for the day. Thankfully there’s no pen and paper work Involved at all, and I can put the calculator back as that’s not required either.

As I’m looking at the site now, there are 51 matches that could be traded tomorrow (Saturday) and only 1 stands out as a match that Instantly doesn’t meet the selection criteria. Saving you further work, these matches are listed In time order. This Is a great feature If you have little time available.

Simply shortlist the matches you wish to trade, and then we head over to Betfair to check the prices on 2 different markets. There Is a final check on Betfair to see what the recent teams performance has been. If there’s value then we can place a Back bet and you can choose to watch the match or get on with other things. I loved the hands off way that this can be done the night before, and It would fit In really well around a job, so no excuses… For those with a little more time, you can monitor the bets and follow their progress.

Although Chris doesn’t mention Flashscores In the training, he clearly uses It as the alerts can be heard in the background. Flashscores allows you to select your football matches, and when a goal Is scored, you get an audible alert which allows you to monitor things without being sat at the computer. Although the method Is hands off to the greater extent, when things go wrong, Chris covers exactly what to do to minimise any risk. You can simply trade out using the Cash-Out button on Betfair, and take a scratch trade or small loss.

You’ll realise quite quickly that the strike rate Is truly exceptional. This Is reassuring for the rare times that you’ll actually take a loss. In fact here Is a screenshot of Chris’s bets recently.

You’ll see the continued drip feeding of profits Into his account, so there’s certainly no long losing runs. You’ll see a number of real life step by step examples In the video, as well as an example of trading out for a small loss. It Is this level of Integrity and attention to detail that I really liked. Not only for the fact of completeness, and showing what to do when things go wrong, but the fact that he admits openly that not all bets will win. That’s a stark contrast to the less than scrupulous system vendors.


This Is what we’re really Interested In, and Chris’s experience shines through as he claims a very healthy 6-20% return on stake. So using the staking advice of 5% of your betting bank of lets say £500, your returns will be In the region of £1.50-£5 per trade. Don’t forget that this Is fully scaleable too. There’s enough liquidity In the matches that you could place bets up to £500 when you’ve gained experience using the method, although Chris aims to keep your feet firmly grounded, which Is great advice.

One thing I love about this system Is that It just makes logical sense on so many levels. You can understand the process from just one viewing of the video, and how Chris qualifies the selection at each stage. Finally, he shows the result of each match that he’s traded In the tutorial. This shows there’s no jiggerpokery going on which adds to the vendors credibilty.

I have to admit, that Initially I thought the video to be a little long-winded, but In hindsight, not every viewer will be as experienced with Betfair as I am. My belief Is that anyone could take this method In the morning, and be sat on profit by teatime, even a complete newbie to Betfair. So yes, this gets a thumbs up from me. If you’d like to find out more about It, then take a look HERE. Chris has kindly reduced the price for the next few days, cheers Chris.


Update 25th March 2017

Ok, so I thought I’d put the method Into practice for you, and to be honest, I’m a little blown away. As I mentioned yesterday,there were 50 odd matches today, and having whittled the selections down to the strongest which took a few minutes per match, here are my results for the day.

I’ve not Included the full Itemised Betfair profit and loss screen as It gives too much Information on the selections, and It wouldn’t be fair for me to disclose Chris’s methods. Suffice to say, this Is my own proof that this method works, and works extremely well. If you’d like to take a look at this, Here Is the link.