Never Heard Of Tradefair Spreads!

As some of you may know, I like to trade the financial markets. Betfair used to offer limited markets on their standard platform and I looked for It last week. What I found was Tradefair Spreads. Now I know that the Betfair financial markets were a little sparse, and liquidity was somewhat stagnant, I never realised that they’d removed It completely. To fill the gap, they’ve taken the unprecedented move to start Tradefair.

This would appear to be a completely different direction for Betfair, as spread betting Is a completely different beast to that of sports betting. For those of you unfamiliar with spread betting, you can buy or sell bets In a way similar to Betfair. What we find Is that the gap between the buy and sell price Is larger than In a Betfair market. That gap Is called the Spread, hence the name “Spread Betting”. This margin Is what the firm keep as their operating costs.

Unlike a traditional stock broker, where they charge a fixed fee for buying and selling shares, the spread firms just take the spread. And unlike traditional stock brokers, spread betting Is completely tax free, as It’s betting.

What do I think?

I’ve go to be honest here, the Tradefair site just gives the Impression that It’s unfinished. I’m a member of most spread betting companies currently available, and Tradefair Is the most basic offering available. Of course, that doesn’t mean that It’s not good, It’s just that It’s not as refined as say IG Index. I trade Options, and Tradefair don’t even offer them. That’s why I’d stick to IG Index, I don’t even like City Index as they have a similar clunky feel to Tradefair, despite offering Options.

Tradefair also lets Itself down with their limited charts. Again It just feels like Its all been thrown together really quickly, with little thought given to the actual trader. Having done my research, It appears that Tradefair enticed early customers with a £100 deposit bonus. This In my opinion would be the only reason to open an account with Tradefair. Unfortunately this offer has long since been withdrawn.

I checked the overnight spread on the FTSE 100 Index during the week, and the spread was a colossal 6 points. Obviously this was out of hours, but that’s a huge Increase from their stated, “from 1 point”, and would render many strategies unworkable long term.

1200 Markets

I can only guess that Tradefair are trying to lure sports bettors away from Betfair, and by offering 1200 different markets to trade, there’s something for everyone. Having looked at their site, apart from just Indices and Commodities, they also offer Bonds, Equities, Interst rates and Forex markets. All of these can be traded through the same account, which Is somewhat scary. Most Brokers/Spread firms will Investigate you experience trading all manner of products, and tend to limit access to those markets that you know. Having access to all markets could be risky.

In Tradefairs defence, they do offer a dummy account where you can trial your methods prior to using real money, and they do have a rudimentry educational section to their site.

I’m not sure how stable the Tradefair site Is compared to Betfair, but that Is certainly a concern. The constant outages at Betfair, if transferred to Tradefair could result In awful losses if daytrading. That’s further reason to consider whether or not Tradefair Is a true player In the financial markets. It’s just my opinion, but I doubt It!

There are better players in the Spreadbetting market place, and I’d advise anyone to use those as a starting point. If It takes 5 days to get a query resolved at Betfair, then Is Tradefair going to fair any better? Well, I’m afraid they won’t get the chance, with my money at least….

Laying Horses On Betfair

One thing you don’t hear much of now Is laying horses on Betfair. I remember years back, when Betfair was still In Its Infancy, people claiming that laying horses on Betfair was the next best thing to winning the lottery. Apparently, laying horses would make punters rich…

Now I know from experience that It can be very difficult to make an ongoing Income with laying In this way. It’s not Impossible, but It’s certainly not the road to riches we were meant to believe that It was. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences, and I think we need to dig Into why we’ve not succeeded.

Maybe the first reason, Is that we’ve been fed lies through hyped up systems that claimed the earth. We’re all suckers for a good system aren’t we? They say that time Is a great healer, and I know that all of those methods fell by the wayside. In fact my Dad and I produced much better systems than what we saw for sale. I remember fondly texting our selections to each other whilst following the racing on the television, when we’d had a bad day, we’d go to the pub and plan the next day.

From memory, one of our methods Involved backing horses up to odds of 20.0. Madness I hear you cry… Anyway we only used small stakes, but I still remember blowing my small bank when the first winner came in at 19.0 and the following race won at 18.0. Needless to say, that night was spent In the pub again… I’ve since learned that that’s how racing goes. And maybe our methodology wasn’t quite as robust as we’d thought.

That then brings us to favourites. Bearing In mind that favourites generally win around 30% or races, surely we can build a strategy around that. The good thing Is that the odds are considerably shorter than those pesky outsiders, the bad thing Is that they tend to win too often. Ironically this brings me on to the subject of False Favourites. These are horses that are supported by mug punters, In reality the horses have very little chance of winning. They slip through the net occasionally.

Accredited Betfair Trainer Jonathan Burgess released a system called False Favourites, and I got my grubby hands on a copy a few years ago. It’s a great product, and I was surprised to see It’s still selling after all these years (In fact It’s the only decent laying method available currently). You can get the gist of It Here.

At this stage, you might be thinking that we need to look somewhere In the middle. Somewhere between the favourite and the rank outsider. That seems a fair assumption, and depends largely upon your appetite for risk. In fact this reminds me of a famous forum post which was called “Maria’s Laying System“. This lady posted her selections each day on a particular forum and Included the results and profit/loss after racing. In just under a year she managed to turn a £3000 bank Into £100,000. An Incredible feat in anyones book. The only downside Is that she never released her selection method, which had a strike rate of over 85%.

So now we know It can be done, what selections do we use? This is why most layers don’t make money. This bit Involves hard work and going through the form book. The Racing Post has every stat you could wish for, as does The Sporting Life. We need to find horses that meet our price criteria, and have little to no chance of winning. The horses race history needs to be checked, has the horse won before? Is It running the same distance, Is It the same track, Is the going the same, Is It In the same class of race?

That’s just for starters, then we do the same for the jockey, as well as the horse and jockey combination. By being this thorough we can get a rating for the horses chance of winning. We need 2 or 3 horses In the same race with much stronger credentials, for our horse to be a suitable lay candidate. As you can see, this research takes time, and skill. Funnily enough, like any skill, you get better with practice.

I’ve seen software that allegedly rates horses and to be honest, I’ve never had good results with such software. I don’t recommend using It unless you’re sure that It fits your needs. It’s actually not necessary anyway. It’s good to go back to basics, I assure you that your results will be better In the long run.

Don’t get tempted to Increase your stakes after a losing lay bet. I saw a nifty little lay calculator once that covered your losses In the Martingale fashion. That’s basically doubling up your stake until you find a winner. Unfortunately the liabilites Involved with laying make for terrifying viewing. Just 2 or 3 losing lays will blow a bank, It’s not worth It, so don’t do It.

So to sum up then, can you still make money by Laying Horses On Betfair? Yes of course you can, but be prepared to put the work In. You’ll find that most really good lay bettors run a tipster service. The Income of which, offsets the endless hours of form study.



Betfair Books That You’ll Love

Am I the only book lover on here? I doubt It, so I’d like to show you some Betfair books that I’m sure you’re going to love.

I’ve always been taught to Invest In my education, so you’ll find my house littered with all kinds of books. As there are some really smart Betfair users that are making great gains, doesn’t It make sense to hear their words of wisdom? Of course It does, I’ve got loads to learn and I’ve uncovered a few written gems for you.

I’ve put them In order with my favourite first.

The first is authored by Wayne Bailey, and covers all aspects of Betfair trading. The light hearted writing style Is not only humorous, but honest and thought provoking. The first lesson tells of how Wayne lost five grand on a single horse race, ouch! Not many professionals will tell you of their mistakes, but this comes warts and all and Is so refreshing. In fact Wayne then makes his second mistake In trying to recoup this loss, which ends In more misery. These lessons alone are worth the small cost. The book despite Its harsh lessons, then gets constructive, and the various methods are then disclosed.

Of course, many of the lessons have been covered In the blog already, but It’s good to hear that all decent traders follow the same rules. I’m not going to cover the whole book, but you can read some of It HERE.

Amazon readers have rated Sports Trading On Betfair very highly, which should put your mind at rest. It’s a great read, and makes great reference material for your own Ideas.



This next paperback by Jack Green has 20 actionable matched betting strategies. I hinted that I liked matched betting, and for the beginner, It’s the lowest risk way of making money with no risk. Jacks book Matched Betting Is the culmination of his 15 years of experience with matched betting (and you thought you’d taken all the bookie offers!).

The book Is quite light being just 56 pages and despite the 20 strategies that you can use straight away, you can also download a case study, how Jack took over £100 profit on just one football match. This represents Incredible value, and Is a no-brainer costing the equivalent of a lunchtime meal deal.  I’m not going to show you the strategies on here, that’s Jacks job. Again the Amazon reviews are top notch and you can read a snippet of the book HERE.

Jack really knows his subject, and yes, you’re missing out by not exploiting these ideas.




With 244 pages, Peter Nordsted’s book Is the largest and most expensive of the trio. It’s evident that this Is aimed at the Intermediate trader and Peter covers an awful lot on his book. One key thing that I loved are the the real life examples of his good and bad trades. He also focusses a lot more on learning to trade correctly both psycholgically as well the trading Itself. I can’t really agree with the mixed Amazon reviews on this one, It Is an excellent book. It Is the most comprehensive of the 3 books here, and gets a thumbs up here.

Apart from making a great reference book, It would be really thought provoking as a holiday read. I think most readers wouldn’t really appreciate It’s depth if they had access to a computer. Sometimes you have to just let the Information sink In, and that’s where this book excels. You can get more Information HERE.




Betfair Arbitrage

I thought I’d take another look at Betfair Arbitrage, as It seems to have fallen out of favour over the last few years.

When Betfair had recently launched, Betfair Arbitrage really hit the Imagination of gamblers. In laymens terms, all Arbitrage means is that you can cover all outcomes and still make an edge. The term is generally used in the financial markets, although It’s now being used more in online marketing.

In the early days, people would scour bookmaker sites manually In order to find arbs. As you can Imagine, this took hours to do each day, but technology soon caught up. Some really smart cookies started making “odds comparison” websites which highlight, at a glance all bookie odds together. The first viable software that I saw was sold on Ebay, and covered a very small number of bookmakers.

Unfortunately, the refresh rates were quite poor, so when you spotted an Arb opportunity, by the time you got to exploit It, the odds had shifted. As there’s only a small edge (usually up to 5%) even the slightest odds shift can turn a guaranteed profit Into a guaranteed loss. Even now, If a bookmaker Is out of line, within ten minutes they’ll have caught on that they’ve been too generous. This small window Is the Arb hunters opportunity to make money, and they move fast to exploit It.

To get started, I know that most services recommend a bank of at least £500. In my mind, that wouldn’t even scratch the surface, as you’ll need lots of accounts and there’ll be money continually moving between them. Even using an e-wallet facility like Skrill, It’ll still take days to withdraw funds, and that limits the amount of capital that you can bet with. If you’re a hobbyist then that’s fine, but In oredr to make a living from theis, then you’ll really need to up your game.

Personally, I like to know where my funds are at all times and I’m put off that the odds move so quickly. I read a blog last year of a guy that made a living from Arbing. I can’t recall exactly, but I believe he was making around £18000 per annum. That’s ok money, but there’s a lot of work Involved to get to that level. I know that some people do well out of Arbing, In fact I uncovered an Arb service called Rebel Betting.  Having looked at the service, It’s not cheap, but It Is the most comprehensive that I’ve seen. I’m not going to review rebel betting, but from what I’ve seen, It’s really been designed for the professional Arb Hunter. The cost is € 129 monthly or € 799 for the whole year, which appears a little pricey.

Generally speaking, sports arbitrage has always been done between just bookmakers with misaligned pricing. The betting exchanges have added an Interesting twist, as generally the odds are better (even taking commision Into account). This extra value allows for more arb opportunities, and more profitable ones. Again, the key to arbing is high turnover low profit. It’s not uncommon for arbers to turnover £300,000 a month in bets. Before thinking I’m mad, It’s the same bank of say £5000 being  bet again and again and again. The higher the turnover, the higher the profits!

The downsides to arbing and matched betting to the greater extent, are that It’s really boring. That on it’s own Is not enough to dismiss It, but again, you’re at the whims of the bookmakers to the greater extent. If your account gets limited (gubbed) or In my case closed, then your ability to earn Is somewhat restricted. Of course, It’s not fair, but bookies don’t like winners, or people that can generally outsmart them.

One clever way that I’ve seen, Is the use of “Sharbing“. Sharbing Is where you use the high street bookmakers to arb your bets if your online accounts are spent. You place your bets in the betting shops or combine them with your remaining online accounts. Mobile phones allow bets to be made quickly and efficiently now, I think the bookies would raise an eyebrow if you got your laptop out In the shop lol. I know that the most successful sharbers work in pairs, one working the shops while the other hedges the bets online. It’s really an Innovative way to overcome the gubbing problem.  The main downside Is that you’ll be handling a lot of cash, and In this day and age, It’s quite risky.

The purest form of Betfair Arbitrage is simple Betfair trading. You cover all outcomes and make a profit. You only need a Betfair Account, and your money stays In one place at all times. You can’t get restricted, and you decide your own Income. That is why most arbers and matched bettors trend towards Betfair, once their accounts are restricted. It just makes sense really.





Matched Betting, Here Goes!

This post Is for those of you who’ve dabbled at matched betting at some point, but not really exploited It to the max. With the proliferation of new Matched Betting services popping up, and hearing the success stories, I’ve decided to take another look at this bookie bashing marvel.

The principle of matched betting Is very clever. You take advantage of bookie bonuses, whether they be sign up offers or reload bonuses. By laying these bets off on a betting exchange, we can usually make a small loss from the qualifying bet, In order to get a guaranteed FREE bet. With this free bet, we can make some real money.

Just this morning, I opened 3 new bookmaker accounts (from new bookmakers that weren’t around when I first looked at matched betting) and bagged myself 3 ten pound free bets. From these bets, I expect to make around £21 over the next day or so. Not bad for half an hours work whilst watching Only Fools and Horses…

Obviously these are small bonuses, and soon I’ll be taking some of the larger £30 and £50 bonuses. It makes sense to build the bank with these smaller bets until the bank can support these larger liabilities.

Although you can get started on your own, I recommend joining one of the many matched betting services.  These services keep you updated with all the latest bookmaker bonuses along with Instructions on how to trade out the profit. You’ll also find the relevant calculators and generally a forum which Is full of member stories and experiences. My favourite service is Profit Accumulator as It has the best forum, which Is always lively and engaging. One feature I really like about this service Is the spreadsheets which can be used to track where your money Is at all times, along with your profit. A very useful feature.

What I particularly like about about matched betting, Is the fact that It can be done any time of the day or night. Unlike trading, where you have to be there for the event, matched betting allows you to place your bets and walk away. This Is why so many people are doing this, literally everybody has time to make money with this. Just half an hour a day Is enough to bring in hundreds of pounds monthly. For the more serious bettor, Incomes of up to £4000 a month are currently being achieved. That’s a serious Tax Free income from a few hours a day whilst watching television.

The downside to betting In this manner, Is that you will have some accounts closed. This can obviously effect your Immediate Income. Some users recommend using multiple accounts, but this borders on being Illegal and I can’t recommend that. Most use mug bets to try and distract the bookie, but these guys aren’t stupid. They know what you’re up to. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about account closures, as there are new bookmakers opening almost weekly, which can take their place.

I’ve spoken to a number of people that consistently make four figures a month. They all advocate having a bank of around £5000 to achieve this consistently. I’m sure that this Is really required because their money Is constantly moving between accounts, and the majority Is used as a float. Don’t let this put you off though, you can easily get started with just £50 or so, and build your bank from there. Matched betting really Is accessible to all.

I really like matched betting, there is far more opportunity now than when I first looked at It years ago. People are really pushing the boundaries with It now, and some of the Incomes are eyewatering. I’ve decided to start again, and take this a little bit more seriously. Even making just £20 a day will bring in £600 profit each month and that’s a mortgage payment ere up north. If you could do with an extra £600 Click Here.

So lets get to the nitty gritty, anyone can start to make money with Matched Betting, there really are no barriers to getting started. It’s within anyone’s budget, It can be fitted In around anyones schedule, and It’s profitable within hours. It really doesn’t get any better does It? The only downside (and It’s not really a downside) Is the tiny monthly fee to get the latest offers, calculators and help from your chosen matched betting subscription. Bearing In mind that a single bet will cover this cost, and that with this Information, you could make a full-time Income starting today.

Can you imagine making your days profit target sitting in a coffee shop with your laptop? Spending time away travelling? As long as you have your laptop, then you’re In business. It appeals to me as I enjoy getting out and about. I’ve spent years sat behind a desk at work, envying those that seem to be free from the shackles of an employer.  Like being self employed, the more work you do, the more you’ll get paid.

If you’ve not looked at matched betting for a while, then I’d seriously consider taking another look at It. I’ve been blown away at the many stories I’ve read recently as well as the people I’ve spoken to that are currently doing this. It’s certainly going to the forefront of my activities, as I’m quite risk averse by nature, and this ticks all the boxes for me. Lets see if I can get to the elusive £1000 a month. Keep checking back as I’ll be updating my progress, both good and bad. I’d love to hear of your experiences, so please either leave a comment below or email me.





5 Betfair Trading Tips

We all like a kickstart, and I’d like to highlight some Betfair trading tips to get you off to the best possible start. Depending upon how you opt to trade, you may find some of these Betfair trading tips rather generic for your own use. That’s fine, what I’m trying to give to you, Is a tried and tested framework that will ultimately lend Itself to your chosen style of Betfair trading.


Whichever way you choose to trade, you’ll need to do a little research. If you’re cold trading the horses, then you’ll need to check the graphs beforehand, to see where the smart money Is being placed. If you’re looking at the football markets, then you may wish to look up the head to head stats and predict how the match will likely be played out. It’s essential that you get your research done, as this will form the basis of you trading plan. Don’t skimp on the research stage, as It always pays dividends In the long run.

Have a plan.

Sounds simple enough eh? You’ll be surprised… What I mean Is that If your strategy Is “Lay the Draw” then stick with that strategy for the whole of your current betting session. If you’re “Backing to Lay” then stick with that method. It’s Important that you get the feel for how your trade Is going to pan out, and what your expectations are, should things not quite go to plan. If you’re fully prepared, then you’re not going to get surprised. Your clear plan will enable you to trade out with ease, whatever the outcome. Cool and calm Is the way to go.

I’ve seen may newbie traders get distracted whilst waiting an hour for a goal…They’ll look at the horses, have a game of Roulette, bet on the darts and be completely unprepared for when a goal does drop in. Please don’t fall Into the “MUG” trap.

Trade your plan.

Easier said than done sometimes, but now you simply follow your plan. If “x” happens you do this and if “y” happens do that. Sometimes trading Is literally that robotic. If you treat you trading without emotion, then you’re already at the top of your game. It should be cold, emotionless and clinical. You don’t care what the end result Is, you’re trading for profit alone. Remember, humans make mistakes, robots don’t.

Don’t be afraid to take a profit.

This Is an old phrase, but It’s message Is all to clear. If a profit presents Itself, then take It. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched a healthy green profit fade Into an awful red  loss. This Is almost always down to greed. If you trade correctly, the profits will come. Conversely, don’t be afraid to cut a loss. Unfortunately most new traders chase the money, and that rarely leads to strong trading ethics which will grow with your competence. Lots of small wins will massage your confidence, whilst losses will blow your confidence. Small steps will soon lead to long strides. If you blow your bank, you’re out of the game.

Understand that You’ll make mistakes.

None of the books cover this, but I consider this really Important. You will make mistakes, and It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s how we learn after all. The key thing to consider, Is that you learn from the mistakes and avoid making them again. Hopefully this list will eliminate most newbie errors, but be prepared to make mistakes. Whatever you do, don’t let a simple mistake knock your confidence. If It does, pack In trading for the day, and sleep on It, or get In touch with me and we can walk It through to a logical conclusion. Not one single trader has made a success without making loads of mistakes first. Hopefully I can steer you through the mistakes that I made.


Many people come to Betfair thinking that It’s easy, and because It’s easy, then they don’t have to follow the rules. In fact Betfair to some Is like the Wild West. Eager punters dive In, throwing their money around with wanton abondonment only for It to be picked up by the professionals. Only when they lose their banks, do they realise that Betfair Trading, just like driving or having a job, has It’s own set of rules. 


The tighter the reign you keep on your rules, the greater your success”


So what does that mean? Let’s be honest, trading is a very very simple concept.

We buy something at one price and hope to sell It for more, Or we sell something for a high price and hope to buy It for less.

That’s It folks, that’s all there Is to Betfair Trading.

The real problem with Betfair traders Is themselves. We tend to be our own worst enemies, and we kick and fight ourselves out of taking the correct course of action, time and time again. I can sum this up In a number of examples…

We see our trade start to take a loss, what do we do? Rather than do the logical thing and trade out for a small loss or a scratch, we hang In there. We hope against all hope that the trade will turn and soar Into profit by some miraculous means. It always ends In a much larger loss, believe me. Instead of trading correctly, we turn Into gamblers, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid. This Is why you’ll see that having a Plan Is so Important. It gives you not only discipline, but allows you to pre empt the outcome if you don’t follow It.

It’s funny, writing this, I’m recalling all the daft mistakes that I’ve made over the years. Ironically, I believed that I was doing the right thing at the time. Clearly my decisions were not only Illogical, they were always wrong. Wrong means losing money, and you can’t be a professional when your finances are bleeding to death.

Follow these 5 Betfair Trading Tips, and remember to cut a loss quickly and always take a profit. Treat this like a business. You’ll be fine though, I believe In you.

When Betfair Stops Working

What happens when Betfair stops working?

Interesting question eh? Well, for the more seasoned Betfair user, you will already be frustrated by the frequent outages over at Betfair. When Betfair stops working, It leaves a trail of devastation In Its wake, which Is now starting to annoy Its users, myself Included.

Just last Saturday during the afternoon football, Betfair Suspended halfway through a trade. In fact, It remained suspended for over an hour on the busiest day at the busiest time of the week. Clearly the merger between PaddyPower and Betfair has done little to strengthen their IT support. In fact, the last time that Betfair went down, It actually cost me £70 in losses due to me not being able to trade out of the match.

For that very reason, I am writing this post, so that you’ll be prepared when Betfair stops working again. And It will!

What I’ve found Is that people are now starting to use alternative betting exchanges as they’re just safer to use than Betfair. Years ago, these exchanges had very liquidity, now things are Improving considerable for them. If Betfair continue In the same vain, I expect them to get left behind shortly.

You need to ensure you have another account at one of the following, as a minimum.


  • Betdaq
  • Matchbook
  • Smarkets


If Betfair goes down mid-trade, at least you can trade out using your alternative exchange. Also keep a note of the Betfair Customer Services phone number to hand as well as your account number. You may be able to bet over the phone In such circumstances.

The concept of Betfair is absolutely revolutionary. Unfortunately they’ve had It too good for too long now, and they’re repelling customers. It took me almost a week to resolve a very simple Issue with a bet, and during that week, I contacted them no less than 5 times. The livechat staff are based in Malta, and their level of support Is simply not good enough. They give the Impression that they really don’t care about your Issue, and judging by the stories online, I’m clearly not alone.

Even the software developers have seen where things are going, and they’re developing trading robots for Betdaq, Matchbook and Smarkets. This will take a larger chink out of Betfair’s turnover. In fact, many professionals are using Betfair half-heartedly as Betfair are fleecing them with the “Premium Charge“. This Is an additional cost that Betfair charge Its successful users, just because they make money consistently. It appears that Betfair are clipping the wings of those that contribute most to the Betfair business. How’s that for stupidity?

If I were a shareholder in PaddyPower Betfair, I’d want answers as to why the site keeps going down. The amount of revenue lost just last Saturday alone will be eyewatering, and certainly in 7 figures. Why are shareholders letting that go? As I write this, the share price over the last 5 years has fallen by over 20%, that’s despite revenue more than doubling during the same period. The pre tax profits have remained virtually stagnant for the same timescale (Source: London Stock Exchange) This is definately not a business in a growth phase Is It?

I’m not sure what the future holds for Betfair, but It really needs to get the fundamentals right. If your storefront Is closed, you can’t make profit. To me It seems obvious, but who am I? 

Playing The Betfair Online Casino

For completeness, this post Is all about The Betfair Online Casino.

Now I know that many people like to play the casino’s, but there Is absolutely no edge for the professional bettor. Unfortunately the Betfair Online Casino Is no different. Like all casino’s on and offline, the edge Is ALWAYS firmly In the casino’s favour. How else do you think that they can afford such lavish establishments.

Betfair use the Industry standard Playtech software which most casino’s use, and as such the turnover and payout percentages remain constant, which Is a legal requirement. And Betfair hold the relevant licenses to operate a professional casino.

I know that our matched betting fans like the casino’s, that’s because these casino’s offer some of the best value bonuses around. And the only way to make consistent profits with the Betfair online casino, Is to exploit the bonuses. Having just checked the Betfair casino, they’re offering a 100% welcome bonus up to £100 In value. Profit Accumulator teach you how to exploit these bonuses for maximum profit, and gets my highest recommendation.

As you’d expect from a casino, you’ll get the standard list of games:

  • Table Games, Blackjack, Roulette Baccarat etc
  • Slots Games, Video Poker, Video Slots etc
  • Arcade Games, Scratchcards, Keno etc
  • Mobile Games, Mobile Slots, Mobile Roulette etc


Why should you waste your money on The Betfair Online Casino?


The simplest answer Is, that you shoudn’t waste your time or your money. That’s unless you’re exploiting the bonuses for guaranteed profits of course. It’s hard to say no to free money afterall…

All casino’s are designed to extort money from you, and even the Betfair live casino is designed to do the same. Just because they show live dealers, we still know that the edge is firmly in the casino’s favour, and this edge cannot be beaten over the long term.

I have seen many false photoshopped winning cheques from these alleged “Big Winners“. Of course some are real, but such wins are down to luck alone and certainly not due to any winning system or method. Of course, this fact doesn’t stop the unscrupulous system vendor from trying to make you believe that you can beat these industry giants. I have seen systems and even roulette computers ranging from a few pounds up to almost £3000. Guess what…..They still cannot give you a long term edge over a fixed odds game. Only the vendor makes money from that transaction.

Casino’s aren’t my bag, If you’ve not gathered already. They’re like drugs to drug addicts, those who just have to gamble, and have no knowledge at all on how to really win. They serve no purpose at all to the professional, and that’s why you shouldn’t get distracted with them. Take the bonuses by all means, but the fun stops when you start losing money, and you will if you don’t follow this advice.



Whilst doing some research for this post, I came across some disturbing Information relating to the Betfair Online Casino, which I need to share with you. Obviously we all have a soft spot for Betfair otherwise this blog wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately It seems that many Betfair Casino users have been getting short-changed by Betfair. Whether things have cleaned themselves up since the Paddy Power, Betfair merger has yet to be seen, but customer reviews aren’t complimentary. In fact they’re very disturbing!

The reviews that I’ve read centre mainly around customers winning money on the Betfair Casino, and then Betfair either Immediately closing their accounts or refusing to pay out winnings to customers. There are too many of these poor experiences posted online to Ignore. It’s also Ironic that since the Casino review sites have been publishing these bad Betfair Casino customer experiences, Betfair have started to respond. The phrase “too little too late” springs to mind.

Take a look at what people are saying on Google about the Betfair Casino before parting with your money.


Win With Betfair Football

Many people start their Betfair careers with either horse racing or football. To win with betfair football entails watching or trading the many matches that adourn or televisions these days. In fact Betfair themselves offer a live video stream on most major football matches, and It’s these types of matches that we need to focus on, In order to win with Betfair football.

You’ll find that most trading and betting methods for football, require a certain amount of money to be matched before getting Involved. The reasons for this are fairly explanatory, but It’s Important that you understand the reasoning behing this.

Firstly, the volume of money traded allows us to sneak a tick or two quite easily as the market remains true.

Secondly, when trading, the more traders that are operating, means that prices will come back quickly after a goal.

Thirdly, these higher grade matches usually meet their expected expectations. That usually means that goals will be scored.

These points alone will give you a headstart In learning to Win with Betfair football.

Football favours the beginning trader as most major matches happen In the evening or at the weekends, thus allowing those that work during the day access too. As we know, most horseracing Is finished by 5pm each day and although other sports are available, football seems to capture the Imagination of most.

Football betting tends to be popular, as most matches, even with extra-time are done and dusted In a couple of hours, and most people can spare that, if they’re working. As discussed previously on this blog, most markets will over react when a goal is scored. Being vigilent during the match will allow you to capitalise on these temporary, value blips. In most cases, they settle down within a few minutes. In fact I use a website called “Flashscores” which alerts me when a goal Is scored in my chosen match. This allows me to do other things with your time, as I really don’t want to be chained to the computer for the full game.

When a goal Is scored, simply return to the computer and trade out for a profit, depending upon your strategy. It’s as hands off as football trading gets.

Again, you must realise that you cannot and will not win on every bet or trade. As a professional, we have to understand this and take It In our stride. When we make a loss, things start getting a little personal and many traders start to get emotional. If your strategy Is sound, you’ll make your loss back In time, and make headway again. I would recommend that beginners keep away from any method that gets you to recoup your losses. These generally speaking will leave the most aspiring punter In the poorhouse. Again, start small and build your bank whilst your experience grows.

Many people ask me to give them a recommendation as to where to start, and to be honest, It’s difficult to advise. The reasons fall Into a number af categories really. Betting bank balance, attitude to risk, time available etc. Every reader will have a slightly differing profile. One product that I do recommend considering Is the Assured Soccer Profits system for Betfair. It’s  a low risk Introduction Into successful  Football trading. Take a look, It’s written by a renowned football system devisor, whom has a background In solid workable systems. His name Is John Duncan, who developed the original “Football Cash Generator“. This product brought the lay the draw strategy Into the mainstream. Assured Soccer Profits Is a less risky strategy though, and that’s why I recommend starting there.

Correct score trading Is a strategy that’s becoming popular, mainly due to the large profits available when the trade goes your way. I have seen others use the correct score markets but there are some drawbacks. The first and biggest drawback Is that you have to follow the game quite closely, and plan your next move In advance, with a clear head. This strategy lends Itself to the more experienced trader, as beginners tend to panic, In most cases to their detriment.

One method of correct score betting that you could try, Is dutching the correct score markets. That means backing a number of scorelines to return a fixed profit. This is fairly easy to achieve by using a dutching calculator. Again, It’s best to know a little about the teams and their performance beforehand or cheat liek I do and use a service like Goal Profits which Includes access to a cool dutching calculator.

With “dutching” you’ll put the odds in your favour, and as the odds In the correct score market tend to be high pre-match, you should be able to make good profits long term. Obviously you can’t win every bet, but you’ll win more often than not. In fact whilst I’m talking about dutching, here’s anothe little strategy….

You could dutch a couple of key score lines that you think may be likely, say 1-1, 2-2, 2-1 etc before the match. As the match unfolds, and goals start to get scored, then the prices on the remaining scorelines will reduce In price, as they may be likely scores. At this point you could use the “Cash Out” feature on Betfair to lock In a greened up profit. Yes It’s a simple strategy, and with the correct application, It will make you long term profits. Complicated methods aren’t always the best If you want to win with Betfair football.

One method I saw a while ago, and you need a really fast streaming service to watch the game, Is the use of time decay. All time decay means, Is that prices will shorten or drift depending upon how much time Is left remaining in the match. What would happen, Is that, let’s say the score was 2-1 to Liverpool, when the ball went out of play (throw In, corner etc) you would back Liverpool and lay them off Immediately when the ball goes back Into play. When the ball Is out of play, then a goal can’t be scored, but time decay still works In your favour. It’s usually easy to steal a few ticks by trading this method, but please be disciplined, or It will catch you out.




Betfair Online Sports Betting

Betfair online sports betting Is gaining popularity as a way to outwit the bookmaker. Better prices have put the bookmaker to shame and the Betfair Exchange won’t close down a winning account, which Is a real selling point as far as we’re concerned. The Betfair Exchange model, has become a phenomenal achievement and to date It’s not been bettered In terms of available liquidity. For my day to day trading, I only do Betfair Online Sports Betting.

One thing I’ve not covered yet Is the Betfair Sportsbook. I think Betfair were fed up with missing the mug punters that the Bookmakers have retained. I guess they wanted a piece of the over-round action. That’s the profit that bookmakers make on each sporting event, and In most cases, It’s considerably more than the 5% that Betfair Exchange charge on winning bets. To this end, all events on Betfair Sportsbook are to back only, you can only lay on the exchange.

The Sportsbook has remained competitive as It offers a “Best Odds Guaranteed” feature, which enhances the odds you get should the price drift out. If that happens, then you get the price at SP, which could be much larger than the odds you actually bet at. You can use this Information to make good money using Betfairs ITV Racing Promotion. This Is really designed for Saturday betting as most of the ITV races are run then.

Simply check Betfair for their live ITV horse races for the day. Make your selection In each race, which must be 3/1 or above. If your horse wins, then you’ll be credited with a FREE bet to the value of your Initial bet (to the maximum value of £25). This can then be traded out, using Betfair Exchange, Betdaq, Smartkets etc to guarantee a profit whatever the result. Bet 365 ran a similar promotion (and still does) which used Channel 4 races. Although It’s a good promotion, I milked It and lasted about 3 weeks before Bet365 decided that they no longer wanted my business. Obviously there Is the potential to get restricted on Betfair Sportsbook, and that’s really why I don’t use It. I’d rather know where I stand with my trading, but I’ve no doubt that you could make a fair few quid before the gub your account. This does not affect your Exchange account though.

Betfair Online Sports Betting Is popular due to the massive amount of money that It attracts. It’s this volume of money that enables us to find that edge, that will produce a profit. A quick Wikipedia check confirms that Betfair Turnover In excess of £50 million a week. That’s a lot of money, most of which Is sports betting based. That’s why we trade sports.

So far, there’s been a lot of talk about Betfair trading. We can also make money on Betfair by using simpler strategies like just backing or just laying an event, or series of events. In fact that’s exactly what people did with Betfair when It first launched. Nobody realised that you could trade back then. The early adopters made fortunes, as the markets were less efficient then. Nowadays, with robots, the markets are self correcting. If a market Is out of line, It will be brought back Into line, as people search for value. In that way, we can consider Betfair to be a very efficient true market.

If you’ve heard of arbing (the process of backing all outcomes and still making a profit) then you’ll realise that you can also do this with Betfair. There are services which compare the odds of the exchanges with the bookmakers and they will send you these “arbs” In real time. A guaranteed return, with absolutely no risk…Sounds great….

As always, the reality Is a little trickier, as the odds continue to change and therefore, you could easily lose you edge or profit. We’ve already mentioned that some online bookmakers will ban you if you win regulary. Yes, It’s frustrating, and yes It can limit your Income. However….things have moved on, and Sharbing has been developed. Sharbing uses the same arbing techniques, but utilise bookmaker shop themselves. You place the bet with the bookie, and lay It off outside on your tablet phone or laptop. This stops you getting banned, but I recommend that you spread your bets around the local area. Sharbing works best workin as a couple, one person placing shop bets, whilst the other is laying the bets on Betfair. As we know, prices move quickly, so we need to catitalise on these profits quickly, before the markets balance themselves out again.

If you’ve not tried matched betting yet, then that Is an excellent way to put and easy £1000-£2000 In your pocket within the next month. Simply by exploiting the bookmaker bonuses, you can take this money off them like candy from a baby. Yes there are always reload bonuses which should make you an extra £500-£1000 a month depending upon how much time you have available. And before you ask, yes Matched Betting is legitimate as well as being risk free and tax free. Most serious matched bettors can make up to £4000 monthly. This Is not the norm though, so let’s not get carried away. It Is possible though and should motivate you. Surely that beats a job Income…Only you can decide that….It’s a lot of money though. I have some services listed on my Recommendations page, take a look!

I hope that gives you some hope, as well as a good Insight Into Betfair Online Sports Betting. There are lots of systems and methods around currently, that It’s tricky to know where to start… Only the best opportunities are highlighted on this site, as It ve not only used the services myself, but I’ve made money, and so will you!

If you have any questions or queries, please leave a comment below or pop me an email across. I’ll respond when I can.

In the meantime, take a look through the site, and see what strategies you think make sense to you.