BF Scalper Review Not Recommended

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by a couple of readers what my opinion was on the BF Scalper product which has been doing the rounds. Apart from seeing the sales page ( months ago for BF Scalper, I couldn’t shed any light on the product, so I contacted them to do a review for you, my dear readers.

What follows Is my own opinion, on probably the weirdest experience I’ve had online.

After a weeks worth of guarded correspondence (by Stuart, the guy behind this) I was allowed access to the product. Now normally, vendors are flattered that you want to review their product, Stuart’s ( response was somewhat different.

  • We were not allowed to do a working review of the product, and our progress using It.
  • We had to work closely with them, I guess to avoid such things as this review happening.
  • We had to look out for their competitors bad mouthing their product.

All very strange, and It gets stranger still when you look at the sales page, which claims that they’re checking In on allegedly professional traders visiting their site on a daily basis to marvel at this wonder system. Most peculiar behaviour.

logging In

Unlike most systems that you can download, BF Scalper provide you with a username and password to access their site. Logging In takes you to a welcome page, and the first thing that hit me was the sheer volume of videos. In fact their sales page boast over 10 hours worth of viewing pleasure….or not!

I started the videos at the beginning and worked through the beginners section. Omg Is all I can say. Evidence of Stuart’s odd behaiour comes through on one early video, where he delights in telling you that he ejected a paying member for simply asking a question. That’s certainly not what I’d expect had I paid the £89 asking price.

Now bearing in mind that the beginners page runs to around 6 hours of video, one after the other, It’s hard going to say the least. In fact the content Is soul destroying.  Especially when most of the content Is padded out to add perceived value. In fact the real nuts and bolts of the system can be had in just 2 of the videos. Everything else is just a variation on a theme.

So what Is this wonder system??

Well It appears that this wonder system was copied from Trading Maestro Peter Webb, whose video can be seen HERE. This was posted on Youtube 15 months before BF Scalper had even registered their domain name. So It’s certainly not a unique approach to Betfair trading.

What happened next?

Well yesterday I got an email from Stuart asking how I was getting on. Bearing In mind that I’d not got past the beginners section, I asked whether or not he’d consider making It more user friendly…..

Cue Stuart’s Meltdown

Simply for making a suggestion, Stuart decided to take his ball home. He cancelled our access to the members area, bringing his review to an end. Not only that, he threatened legal action If I posted my thoughts on our experiences. We’ll see what happens, I suspect very little as the law Is very clear on such matters, and all claims can be backed up with evidence.

That then moves us on to the threats.

Stuart’s barrage of emails then left me speechless. Lets face It, If you have to try and Intimidate people with Legal Action, Intimating that you know where I live etc just for offering suggestions, then maybe dealing with customers Isn’t for you. In fact I received this creepy email just an hour ago:

“you are going to learn to be careful who you fuck with, sonshine… also your neighbours have a right to know what registers you are on…”

Clearly an attempt to Harass and Intimidate! And no, I’m not on any registers, for the avoidance of doubt.


The Scam Advisor Site also has a comment from a customer claiming that the money back guarantee is not being honoured, the site is HERE.


And the comment Is below:

Jason Smith

Don’t know if the product works, but they do not honour their 60 day money back guarantee. Also, illegally hiding their identity

Do you really want to consider buying this product? Again, Peters video Is HERE for free.

If you’ve had a similar experience, please leave a comment below or email me. All Information will be passed to South Yorks Police.

My recommendation, Steer Well Clear!