Betfair Horseracing Trading

Betfair Horse Trading Is a great place for starting, as the sheer volume of money placed on the horses creates opportunity. Bear In mind that there are up to 30 races daily and In the summer, we have evening racing too, there could be 45-50 races In a day just for the Uk. Now with a simple strategy, you could capitalise on each race and slowly build a profit. Sounds simple eh!

Back The Favourite

Generally speaking, when there Is a stand alone favourite, we can assume that there’ll be money for this particular horse. That creates an opportunity, whereby we can Back the horse, and watch the price fall as money comes for It. Then we can Lay It at lower odds and green up for a profit whatever the end result.

This also works In reverse, and you can see that In action with my own method. As money comes for a favourite, then the price of the outsiders has to drift. That also creates an opportunity where we can Lay an outsider and then Back It for a profit as the price drifts. I find It much easier to predict the price moves of outsiders, but only when there’s a strong favourite to skew the market.

Again, both of these methods require the trades to be made pre-race.

In Play Trading

In play trading Is for the fearless lol. Let me clarify that of course. If you have a strong plan for how you expect the race to pan out then great, you can make a fair few ticks. The real problem comes when people plan to trade pre-race and rather than take a loss, they hope the prices will move In their favour by allowing the race to run. This from experience Is a fast way to the poor house. And yes, every trader has done this before, but It always works out expensive.

The speed at which things happen In play Is also quite disorienting. Things unfold very quickly, and panic tends to set In. This usually Involves taking a much larger loss than you anticipated. I really only recommend In Play trading for those with considerable experience.


This Is one of my favourites, I love dutching. Technology has really moved on since I started, It used to take 10 minutes or so to work out the bets and then place them. Nowadays you can do this with the click of a button. It’s possible that you can back most horses In a race with just a little bit of selectivity. This then puts the odds clearly In your favour.