Betfair Football Trading

If you’ve searched for Betfair Football Trading methods, you’ll realise just how many there are. I’ll be honest, most are just rubbish, but some have stood the test of time. Unfortunately though, standing the test of time, means generally that a lot of people use that strategy, and slowly the edge diminishes.

Lay The Draw

This is where most people start, and I did myself. You simply lay the draw and then hope that the favourite scores, at which point you’ll then back the draw and make a green profit, whatever the result. Some people also back the 0-0 correct score In order to cover their lay liability as we know that 1 In 10 football matches end in a 0-0 score. Consider It an Insurance bet. The downsides are that if the favourite doesn’t score first, then you’ll end up with a red liability. You can choose to trade out and accept the loss, or hope that the favourite scores enough goals to lead the game again, at which point you can trade out.

The same effect can be gained by Backing The Favourite. This is my twist on Betfair Football Trading and Is safer, as you don’t carry a lay liability Into the game. I have backed the Rostov v Man U game and added 0-0 cover here.


Just minutes later, and here Is what happened.


So I managed to lock in a profit with minimal risk. I lost the 0-0 bet, but the £7.61 profit offset that and provided over £5 in pure profit from a £16.40 risk. It’s a far safer option than “Lay the Draw” In my opinion.


Back Over 0.5 Goals

This Is my twist on a very simple set and forget strategy. I tend to choose a match where there’ll be a strong favourite and there’s plenty of money matched already. We know from statistics that 9.2 matches out of 10 will end with goals scored, so we expect to be offered odds of up to 1.1. What I do, Is request better odds (to gain my edge) and let the match go In play. If a goal Is scored before my bet gets matched, then I get my money back. If I get matched and a goal Is scored, I win. Great stuff!

What I really love, Is that It’s set and forget. You can place your bets the night before, or before work and let It simply play out. It’s very hands off as you’ll soon see.