Betfair Books That You’ll Love

Am I the only book lover on here? I doubt It, so I’d like to show you some Betfair books that I’m sure you’re going to love.

I’ve always been taught to Invest In my education, so you’ll find my house littered with all kinds of books. As there are some really smart Betfair users that are making great gains, doesn’t It make sense to hear their words of wisdom? Of course It does, I’ve got loads to learn and I’ve uncovered a few written gems for you.

I’ve put them In order with my favourite first.

The first is authored by Wayne Bailey, and covers all aspects of Betfair trading. The light hearted writing style Is not only humorous, but honest and thought provoking. The first lesson tells of how Wayne lost five grand on a single horse race, ouch! Not many professionals will tell you of their mistakes, but this comes warts and all and Is so refreshing. In fact Wayne then makes his second mistake In trying to recoup this loss, which ends In more misery. These lessons alone are worth the small cost. The book despite Its harsh lessons, then gets constructive, and the various methods are then disclosed.

Of course, many of the lessons have been covered In the blog already, but It’s good to hear that all decent traders follow the same rules. I’m not going to cover the whole book, but you can read some of It HERE.

Amazon readers have rated Sports Trading On Betfair very highly, which should put your mind at rest. It’s a great read, and makes great reference material for your own Ideas.



This next paperback by Jack Green has 20 actionable matched betting strategies. I hinted that I liked matched betting, and for the beginner, It’s the lowest risk way of making money with no risk. Jacks book Matched Betting Is the culmination of his 15 years of experience with matched betting (and you thought you’d taken all the bookie offers!).

The book Is quite light being just 56 pages and despite the 20 strategies that you can use straight away, you can also download a case study, how Jack took over £100 profit on just one football match. This represents Incredible value, and Is a no-brainer costing the equivalent of a lunchtime meal deal.  I’m not going to show you the strategies on here, that’s Jacks job. Again the Amazon reviews are top notch and you can read a snippet of the book HERE.

Jack really knows his subject, and yes, you’re missing out by not exploiting these ideas.




With 244 pages, Peter Nordsted’s book Is the largest and most expensive of the trio. It’s evident that this Is aimed at the Intermediate trader and Peter covers an awful lot on his book. One key thing that I loved are the the real life examples of his good and bad trades. He also focusses a lot more on learning to trade correctly both psycholgically as well the trading Itself. I can’t really agree with the mixed Amazon reviews on this one, It Is an excellent book. It Is the most comprehensive of the 3 books here, and gets a thumbs up here.

Apart from making a great reference book, It would be really thought provoking as a holiday read. I think most readers wouldn’t really appreciate It’s depth if they had access to a computer. Sometimes you have to just let the Information sink In, and that’s where this book excels. You can get more Information HERE.




2 thoughts on “Betfair Books That You’ll Love

  1. As soon as I saw the title Betfair books that you’ll love I knew I had to take a look. I’m always looking for something new to read so I can learn more strategies and also learn (hopefully) from the mistakes of others. I don’t know which book to get first because I’m sure going to read all 3 of them. They seem different and they mostly have positive reviews (although reviews aren’t always right and I often found gems that were rated poorly). I think I’ll start with the 56 page book as it’s an easy read.

    1. These recommendations have really improved my thoughts on Betfair trading Stan, and I’m sure you’ll see great value in them too. As with any skill, there’s the theory and then the practical. These books are filled with angles that you can utilise to make an edge with your betting. Good luck, but I know you won’t need it.

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