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Hi all. My name is Mike. I’ve recently taken over from Darren running the site. I’ve been trading on Betfair for many many years, and I really love the Lay The Draw, a method i have used for quite a few years. Like you all, when i first started on Betfair i quickly lost more money than I made. I then found arbing, and thought i had discovered the Holy Grail. My bookmaker accounts got closed down so fast, I didn’t know what hit me, and that’s when i turned to the trading side of Betfair.

Since then, i’ve tested and refined a number of systems using Betfair, and have a portfolio that i’m happy with.

I love to trade not only football and horse racing, but also tennis and cricket are passions of mine too.

On the site, you will find a horse racing method, and a football method developed by Darren, who was the founder of the site. They are very good as a starting point, so I’ve left them on, and hope you find them as useful as I did when i first found the site.

I wanted to take ownership of this site, as I have made every mistake going, and wanted to try and help others avoid the mistakes I made.

Despite not being a Betfair trading guru, I do make profit consistently week after week.  I have my own way of trading Betfair which differs considerably from every other trader that I’ve seen. In fact the system in its basic form is available FREE HERE. 

Apart from Horseracing ( which is my number one way of trading) I also use a football method of my own which is set and forget, and works great if you have to work or have other commitments during the games. In fact, my two methods are so simple that anyone can use and make a success of. If nothing else, I hope that it gives you proof that you can make money from Betfair too.

Please take a look at my Recommendations page, where you’ll also see other products and services which I have used and highly recommend. You WILL make money by using those recommendations. Anyway keep tuned, I’ll be adding interesting information continuously, remember, I’m here for you.

Should you need any help or support, please get in touch. Either comment, contact or email me, and I’ll gladly get back to you. Don’t forget, you can keep up to date by joining my list, where you’ll be kept abreast of all of my latest crazy ideas and information. I’ll also notify you of great products that will help you too.

Anyway, I wish you the very best with your endeavours to make money on Betfair, and many thanks for stopping by.




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