Free Trading Resource

A quick shout out for a fantastic free podcast which you really need to listen to if you want to become a better Betfair Trader. The podcast is completely gratis too, which means it’s available to everyone.

The podcast is the FTS podcast by Ian Erskine. For those who don’t know Ian, he’s a millionaire rags to riches gambler /trader who offers numerous different services.

His LTD basic service is decent, I know , i’m a member, however, I really feel the podcast takes things to a different level. As well as distilling daily words of trading wisdom, including how Ian goes against the grain when it comes to selecting trades, he also gives you a rundown of what he’s trading that day.

He usually has a horse he expects to trade, and a couple of football matches. He won’t put a trade up just for the sake of it either.

Ian’s a no nonsense kind of trader, who really doesn’t care if his opinion is popular or not. He knows how to trade his way. His site includes sections for beginners and experienced traders. His FTS Ultimate seems expensive, however, I have heard very good things about it. I might be cheeky and see if i can review it and get back to you over it.

Listening to this podcast can’t fail to make you a better trader.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It’s FREE. and click on podcasts.

I’ve traded all his recommendations so far and I’ve done okay. You will too.